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Telescoping Lifts


  • Manual Elevating Work Platform:
    • 300 Lb. Capacity
    • 20″ and 64″ Cantilever Platform Lengths Available
    • Working Height: 20 feet; 21 feet Cantilever
    • Quickly Elevated to Desired Working Height with Hand Winch
    • User Climbs the ladder to the platform
    • 42″ Guardrail with midrail and 4″ toeboard
    • Friction Brake on Winch and Outriggers
    • Rolls through standard doorways
  • Hydraulic Elevating Work Platform
    • 500 Lb. Capacity
    • Two Person Model
    • Working Heights: 21′, 25′, 30′, 34 feet
    • 42″ Guardrail with midrail and 4″ toeboard
    • 12V DC Power with charger
    • 120V AC outlet in Platform
    • Key operated control panel with emergency stop
    • Fits through 30″ doorway

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The BallyLift And Mr. Lift Telescsoping personnel lifts are designed for overhead maintenance tasks. We offer four different working heights, and most importantly an AC unit or DC battery powered lift.
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