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Tank Top Lifts

Tank Top Lift


  • 300 Lb. Load Capacity
  • Available with a fixed platform height
  • Hand pump raises/lowers platform
  • Base is 28” W x 60” L, fixed outriggers spread 69”
  • Full rails on both sides w/gates at each end
  • 48” long cantilevered platform
  • Recommended Option: 30” extension railing
  • Manually propelled for use on hard level surfaces
  • Two adjustable stabilizing jacks secure lift to ground
  • Two swivel/two rigid 8” casters
  • The standard finish is a deep gray enamel paint, however, safety orange is also available.
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Our Industrial Tank Top Lifts are great for all kinds of maintenance applications. These cantilevered lifts provide easy access to tank trucks, railroad cars or other maintenance applications. For safety purposes the step and deck tread is open serrated grating, with slip resistant rung access when platform is raised.

Cantilever platforms allow the worker to reach beyond the limitations of the base and support dimensions, making it possible to work over a structure without climbing on the structure or making contact with the structure in able to have access. This added reach aids in maintenance and inspection operations as well as accessing tanks, trucks, and reaching over odd shaped structures.

We offer two models for your convenience. A fixed model and a hydraulic operated model.

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