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Fixed Roof Access Ladders

Our Fixed Roof Access Ladders is typically found mounted on the side of buildings to provide vertical access to the roof. Factory Supply provides roof access ladders in Steel, Aluminum, Stainless and Custom construction. We can also provide engineered drawings and custom fabrication of custom roof ladder heights and widths.

  • Please select the appropriate material based on your ladder application.
    • If you are not sure which material type best suits your application please call our friendly sales staff at 727-347-4820.
  • Steel is typically the standard material of construction but if the ladders are in corrosive or electric environment or if weight of construction or ladder clean ability are a concern or other unusual needs; we have both a sales staff and engineering team ready to answer your questions.

Have you heard about the new OSHA rules for Fixed Roof Access Ladders? Here are some dates and regulations you may want to keep in mind. Your friends at Factory Supply will assist you in interpreting the rules and help you to select the right type of safety ladder to fit your needs.

OSHA Rule Changes Affecting Fixed Roof Access Caged Ladders

  1. Certification of anchorages – Due by November 20, 2017  [Section 1910.27(b)(1)]
  2. Must equip existing fixed ladders with a cage, well, ladder safety system, or personal fall arrest system – Due by November 19, 2018  [Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(A)]
  3. Must begin equipping new fixed ladders with ladders safety system or personal fall arrest – Due by November 19, 2018  [Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(B)]
  4. Fixed ladders must be equipped with  a ladder safety system or personal fall arrest system – Due by November 18, 2036   [Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(D)]
  5. Must train employees on fall and equipment hazards – Due by May 17, 2017   [Section 1910.30(a)and(b)]