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Supported Cantilever Ladder


  • 5 – 12 steps available
  • 300 lbs Capacity
  • Can be folded for shipping & storing savings!
  • 24″ wide steps
  • 10″ or 20″ deep top platform
  • 4″ rigid casters on rear
  • 4″ swivel with lock on front
  • Tread Buying Guide:
    • GS = Grip Strut
    • EXP = Expanded Metal Tread
  • Meets or Exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards

If your obstruction extends to the floor, and the U shape cantilever design will not work; check out our Counter Weighted Cantilever Ladder Design.

The below Supported Cantilever Ladder pricing does not include shipping. Click HERE to get estimated freight and lead time included in a quote.

10″ Overhang Platform Pricing

20″ Overhang Platform Pricing


The supported cantilever ladder is the best choice when you need to access an area that does not have a solid object preventing the wheels and base from moving forward to match the overhang length. This means that no counter-weight is required, which allows for less expensive construction costs.

You can still access hard-to-reach areas safely with these cantilever ladders. The ladders features perforated treads and 42″ handrails to help provide optimum safety and reduce the possibility of slipping. The platforms extends beyond the stay or back support 20 to 40 inches.

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