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Cantilever Ladder

Cantilever Ladder


  • 300 lbs capacity
  • 6-15 steps available
  • Heavy-Duty 1″ x 2″ rectangular tube frame
  • High Quality 5″ x 2″ locking casters
  • Standard Ladder has Fixed Back Rail.
  • Available with Rear Safety Chain instead of fixed rail.
  • Powder coat Finish
  • Ships Knocked Down to prevent freight damage and lower freight cost
  • Perforated treads standard (serrated available)
  • 14″,28″, 35″ and 42″ overhang choices
  • Deeper inboard platform depth reduces counterweight
  • Tread Buying Guide:
    • GS = Grip Strut
    • PF = Perforated Tread
  • These ladders meet ANSI Special Purpose Requirements.

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Cantilever Ladder: 14″, 28″ Overhang Platform

Cantilever Ladder: 35″, 42″ Overhang Platform


Unsupported Cantilever Ladders can provide the overhang necessary to access areas that cannot be reached with a standard ladder. These ladders are cost effective because their design is fairly standard and you can choose several overhang depths to suit your project.

  • The platform depth of a 24 inch wide platform can be 28”, 42” 49” or 56” and the ladder is balanced by a counterweight to keep it safe from tipping.
  • Notice that the design of this ladder allows the user to roll the base close to an obstruction at ground level and then have the upper platform overhang any fixed obstacle, thus allowing access above and over the obstacle. To keep the ladder safe, the larger the platform overhang, the greater the counter weight must be.
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