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Rolling Cantilever Ladders

Factory Supply designed and manufactured the first Rolling Cantilever Ladder in the early 2000’s for a custom ladder project. Since, it has become a standard product for several of our manufacturers due to its wide versatility. See how this ladder can work for you today!

  • Rolling cantilever ladders provide an extended top platform without upright supports.
  • This extended platform allows users vertical and horizontal access in areas that a standard rolling ladder could not reach.
  • Cantilever Work Platforms are the ideal solution to get to hard-to-reach areas and are commonly found in applications such as Rail Cars, Tanks, Trucks, Food and Beverage Processing.
    • Factory Supply also has a lightweight cantilever design that does not require a counter weight.
  • Cantilever Ladders are perfect for accessing mezzanines, tanks, shelving units, storage containers, or anywhere else a standard ladder cannot reach while providing a safe, stable working platform.
  • The cantilevered portion of this rolling ladder is perfect for accessing hard to reach areas while maintaining a high level of safety. If there are floor obstacles in the way, simply go over them to reach the work area in you shop or warehouse.
Cantilever Rolling Ladder
  • The unsupported cantilever ladder uses heavy counterweights near the first step to offset the weight of a user on the edge of the overhanging platform.
  • If your obstruction extends to the floor then the counter weighted cantilever design is what you would need.
Cantilever Rolling Ladder
  • The supported cantilever ladder design has a base that extends the full length of the top platform.
  • You will need 6-7″ of floor clearance to use the lightweight cantilever design.
Cantilevered man lifts
  • For extreme height, ladders are not an option and manlifts are usually the only other choice to reach these areas. Safety is the number one factor in utilizing a manlift; our manlifts are equipped with safety rails and emergency shut-off switches to assure worker safety. This versatile piece of machinery has multiple uses, from changing light pole bulbs to finishing work in construction.
Tank Top Rolling Ladder
  • Our tank top lifts are manually propelled for use on hard level surfaces, with both AC/DC power option. The platform extends beyond the stay or back support 20 to 40 inches and is normally used when needing to access hard-to-reach areas.
Adjustable Cantilever Ladder
  • Our adjustable height cantilever ladder features a large adjustable height working platform that can conform to a variety of situations. It feature a 65″ long cantilevered platform that can be raised from 30″ to 50″ for work & maintenance with a large sturdy low profile base that can fit under a pallet.
Custom Cantilever Rolling Ladder
  • Factory Supply creates Custom Cantilever Ladders built to last.
  • Customize tread type, castor design, materials, and safety features for your unique environment.
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