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Cantilever Ladders

Factory Supply designed and manufactured the first Cantilever Rolling Ladder in early 2000’s for a custom ladder project. Since, it has become a standard product for several of our manufacturers due to it’s versatility.

Cantilever Ladders provide an extended top platform without upright supports. This extended platform allows users vertical and horizontal access in areas that a standard rolling ladder could not reach. Cantilever Work Platforms are the ideal solution to get to hard-to-reach areas and are commonly found in applications such as Rail Cars, Tanks, Trucks, Food and Beverage Processing.

Counter weighted rolling cantilever ladders use heavy counter weights near the first step to offset the weight of a user on the edge of the over hanging platform.

Factory Supply has a lightweight cantilever design that does not require a counter weight. The lightweight cantilever design has a base that extends the full length of the top platform. So you would need 6-7″ of floor clearance to use the lightweight cantilever design. If your obstruction extends to the floor then the counter weighted cantilever design is what you would need.