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Factory Supply was started in the year 2000 with the purpose of simplifying the process of purchasing access products and industrial equipment, such as ladders, fixed ladders, work platforms and maintenance platforms along with other material handling, like cafeteria tables, lockers, self-dumping hoppers, conveyor belts, carts and other items.

Because our range of available LADDERS, PLATFORMS AND WORK STANDS have become so extensive, we have launched a separate web site, as a division of Factory Supply, to showcase these goods.

Our owner, who previously worked for a major airline as an airport services manager, was familiar with aircraft maintenance equipment and the special problems associated with gaining safe access. She saw the need for further customization of ground equipment and our custom department was born.

At Factory Supply, we now have our own, in-house design department, so working with our customer’s engineering, safety or maintenance departments, cooperating together with our many commercial customers and responding to the needs of all in a timely and cost effective way, we use tools like Solid Works to develop and design products based on direct customer input.

We can customize design for any ladder, platform or work stand and additionally have made helicopter maintenance stands and tail docks and an entire range of equipment designed specifically for the rotor and fixed wing aircraft community. We have found that many of these products and modified designs lend themselves for use in the commercial world, so much of the innovative design carries over into our mainstream products. Take a look at our custom design gallery, perhaps you can see the solution to your access problem here. We can build to ANSI, Cal Osha or Osha standards, as required.

As a small woman owned business, enjoying WOSB and WBE certification, we pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service, providing quick turn-around quotes, innovative design and quality manufacturing at affordable prices. We can meet or beat GSA pricing, handle government contracts on a routine basis and we are ready to discuss any problem you may encounter. Call us today. We are here to help solve your access problems!