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Mezzanine Stairs


  • 60″ to 128″ Height
  • 350 lb Capacity
  • Collapsed distance from wall is approximately 15½”
  • Quick installation with mounting bracket provided for bolt-on installation or welded installation
  • Blue Powder Coat with Yellow Powder Coated Handrails
  • Meets or Exceeds All OSHA Requirements

Note: Ships Knockdown, Some Assembly Required. Please Supply Mezzanine Height in Inches at Time of Purchase.

The below Mezzanine Access Stairs pricing does not include shipping. Click the required model to get estimated freight and lead time included in a quote.

Serrated Tread Pricing

Top Step Tread Width
60" (6 step)$836$867$962
70" (7 step)$865$891$1,005
80" (8 step)$946$1,069
90" (9 step)$989$1,127
100" (10 step)$1,034$1,180
110" (11 step)$1,080$1,239
120" (12 step)$1,156$1,319

Perforated Tread Pricing

Perforated Tread Pricing
Top Step Tread Width
60" (6 step)$796$856$955
70" (7 step)$817$880$991
80" (8 step)$932$1,059
90" (9 step)$971$1,103
100" (10 step)$1,013$1,157
110" (11 step)$1,068$1,212
120" (12 step)$1,146$1,293

DESCRIPTION: The Mezzanine Ladder is ratcheted into climbing angle and back into stored position. The wheels roll on the ground when ratcheted and the handrails mechanically rise into climb position when ladder locks into position. The Ladder quickly extends and retracts.


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