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Modular Crossover Platform

Modular Crossover Platform


  • Supplied in three pieces: two stair (2 -7 steps) sections and one bridge (20 – 60 feet)
  • 800 lb capacity
  • Structural frame and rails are heavy 1-1/4” Steel – schedule 40 pipe
  • Standard step and bridge tread: expanded metal or serrated grating
  • Optional solid steel tread with abrasive mat on bridge is available to avoid foot debris falling onto conveyors – call for details
  • Full rails, mid rails and toe boards
  • Stairway slope allows forward facing descent
  • Stair sections have 10” step spacing with 9” of horizontal run per step
  • Each stair section has four legs with large, pre-drilled plates to bolt to the floor
  • Gray powder coat finish – Expanded Metal or Serrated Tread
  • Also available in alternate configurations: U-Shape, Z-Shape, L-Shape, etc. – call for details
  • Maximum use of limited floor space
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA standards

The below Super Duty Rolling Ladder pricing does not include shipping. Click the required model to get estimated freight and lead time included in a quote.

Serrated Tread Pricing

Top Step Tread Width
60" (6 step)$836$867$962
70" (7 step)$865$891$1,005
80" (8 step)$946$1,069
90" (9 step)$989$1,127
100" (10 step)$1,034$1,180
110" (11 step)$1,080$1,239
120" (12 step)$1,156$1,319

Perforated Tread Pricing

Perforated Tread Pricing
Top Step Tread Width
60" (6 step)$796$856$955
70" (7 step)$817$880$991
80" (8 step)$932$1,059
90" (9 step)$971$1,103
100" (10 step)$1,013$1,157
110" (11 step)$1,068$1,212
120" (12 step)$1,146$1,293

DESCRIPTION: Modular Crossover Ladders improve time-and-motion around the work place. They allow workers to transit above pipelines, conveyors, assembly lines, and other workplace obstacles quickly and easily with forward facing descent.


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